Fleetguard PG Platinum HD Engine Coolant 20L CC36084

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PG Platinum™ is the new global benchmark in coolant technology

Use PG Platinum™ to provide advanced engine protection, extend service intervals and to simplify your cooling system maintenance program

For your engine
• Extended service lifetime coolant with 500,000 kilometres (6,000 hour) service intervals
• Coolant life with good maintenance 1.5 million kilometres (20,000 hours)
• Contains proprietary scale inhibitors which prevents scale formation on hot metal surfaces. Advanced liner pitting and corrosion protection
• Advanced aluminum and solder protection which prevents corrosion and erosion damage
• Approved for all diesel, petrol, LPG and natural gas engines and suitable for engines using biodiesel
• Compatible with chemical-free ESI water filters
• 2-Ethylhexanoic (2-EH) acid free formulation compatible with all gaskets, elastomers and other nonmetallics in the engine, such as silicon seals and hoses.

For your environment
• Improved environmental (NAPS free) formulation meets global OEM specifications for containing no Nitrites, Amines, Phosphates, Borates, or Silicates.
• Biodegradable
• No HAZCHEM code
• No EPA spill reporting (of new coolant)

Extend the Life of your Coolant
At 500,000 kilometres (6,000 hours) intervals, use the PG Platinum™ 4-way Test Kit to check coolant quality in the field and refortify your coolant as needed with PG Platinum™ Extender.
With proper system maintenance PG Platinum™ is a 1.5 million kilometre (20,000 hour) lifetime product.
Protect your Engine Against Wear Coolant filtration is proven to reduce wear and optimise cooling system performance.
This is especially important for coolants that stay in the engine longer.

Avoid Unnecessary Drains
The useful life of a coolant ends when:
• The chemical additives in the coolant are outside acceptable limits – typically caused by incorrect top up practices or by failing to do maintenance at the recommended service interval.
• The pH is outside acceptable limits - typically caused by combustion gases entering the cooling system, which can damage cooling system components.
• Contaminants in coolant exceed published condemnation limits - which is only likely in unusual circumstances. Our cooling system monitoring tools can help determine if the coolant in your engine meets these limits.

Any Engine, anywhere
PG Platinum™ meets or exceeds the performance requirements of:
TMC RP-330 (PG) - ASTM D-6210 (EG & PG) - ASTM D-3306 (EG & PG) - CID-A-A52624 - Waukesha® 4-1974D - Cummins® SB 3666132 - Cummins® CES 14603 - Caterpillar® - Detroit Diesel® 7SE298 - John Deere® 8650-5 - Case New Holland® - Navistar® CEMS B-1 - Freightliner® 48-22880 - Volvo® - PACCAR® - MACK® 014617004 - EMD M.I. 1784E - Komatsu® - MAN® 324 SNF - DAF® Standard MAT 74002 - IVECO®

Restore your Cooling System
Cummins Filtration recommends cooling system cleaning. Restore (CC2610) removes oil and grease. Use Restore Plus (CC2638) to also remove rust, corrosion, scale and solder bloom.

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