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LC5001/2X; Mann Filter Replacement Element to suit Provent 200 IV

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LC5001/2X; Mann Filter Replacement Element to suit Provent 200

This replacement element is designed to fit the redesigned Mann Provent 200 system. The new Provent 200 is known now as the Provent 200 IV. The "IV" is in reference to the new 'internal ventilation' characteristics of this new design.

The specific design changes to the Provent 200 system are:

  1. Inclusion of thew new LC5001/2X element design which has an over pressurisation valve integrated into it; and
  2. Revised inner lid design which has the over pressurisation valve deleted.

It should be noted that installing an LC5001/2X (IV element) in a standard Provent 200 which is not converted to the new design is 100% safe to do so.

Installing the old LC5001X element into an IV system will eventually cause over pressurisation of the crankcase when the element is blocked. This is because the system will no longer have an over pressurisation valve.


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