S-Oil 7 Blue #5 CI-4/SL 15W-40; 6 litre; S-Oil Seven Australia

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S-Oil 7 Blue #5 CI-4/SL 15W-40; 6 litre; S-Oil Seven Australia


Product Description

S OIL SEVEN BLUE #5 CI 4/SL is multi grade engine oil for diesel engine. It’s suitable for all turbocharged or normally aspirated diesel engines of civil works machines, trucks, fishing boats and locomotives. It can be used for vehicles requiring performance specification API CI 4/SL.



  • ​All turbocharged or normally aspirated diesel engines of vehicles operating in the most severe conditions
  • ​Light trucks, RVs, SUVs, Heavy trucks, Buses with diesel engines
  • ​Especially diesel vehicles with European engine under high pressure and temperature
  • ​Particularly suited for EURO IV, V, VI to older generation engines fitted with after treatment devices including DPF, EGR and SCR​


  • This low SAPS (Sulfated Ash, phosphorus, sulfur) engine oil provides long life for exhuast after treatment devices including diesel particulate filter.​
  • ​Synthetic technology enhances the engine protection and engine oil life thanks to high stability and cleanliness.
  • ​Excellent detergent system helps keep pistons and other engine parts clean for long engine life.
  • ​Good thermal breakdown resistance ensures engine protection under modern engine's severe conditions.
  • ​In cold condition, good fluidity provides easy start and prevents wear damage in initial stage.


Performance Level

  •  ACEA : E7
     API : CI 4/ SL
     Mercedes Benz : MB 228.3 /229.1
     MTU : 2
     Volvo : VDS 3
     Mack : EO M Plus
     Renault Truck : RLD/RLD 2
     MAN : M3275
     Cummins : CES 20076/77/78
     Caterpillar : ECF 2/ECF 1 a
     DEUTZ : DQC III 10
     Detroit Diesel : 93K215/DHD 1




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