S-Oil 7 Gear LSD 75W-90 1L; S-Oil Lubricants Australia

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S-Oil 7 Gear LSD 75W-90 1L; S-Oil Lubricants Australia

Product Description

S-OIL 7 GEAR LSD is high performance lubricants for final drive, heavy duty differentials and axle oil meeting API GL-5 requirement and provides enhanced friction characteristics for limited slip differentials.  ​



  • Manual transmission, transaxles and Differentials which require API GL-5 level performance lubricants 
  • Limited-slip hypoid differentials fitted in all kind of vehicles including cars, trucks and buses 
  • Especially suitable for Japanese OEMs’ limited slip differential design



Excellent friction performance

S-OIL 7 GEAR LSD is formulated with proven friction modifier suitable for conventional limited slip differentials, and will provide effective limited-slip performance in severe operation condition. 

  • Extended gear and bearing life 

Extreme pressure performance protect gears and bearings from scuffing and wear to ensure long life of critical parts

  • Increased oxidation/thermal stability for reduced maintenance cost

Selected additive technologies and high quality base oil provides increased oxidation and thermal stability for minimized sludge and oxidation products.   

  • Excellent low temperature fluidity even in very cold temperature

Welled designed viscosity profile from hot to cold temperature provides reliable film thickness in hot operating condition and excellent fluidity in cold temperature for good start-up of vehicles. 


Performance Level

  • API GL-5
  • Suitable for conventional Japanese OEMs’ LSD
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