S-Oil 7 Hi-Pump Zinc-Free 68 Hydraulic Oil 200L; S-Oil Lubricants Australia

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S-Oil 7 Hi-Pump Zinc-Free 68 Hydraulic Oil 200L; S-Oil Lubricants Australia

Full Synthetic, Zinc-Free Hydraulic Oil; For wide temperature range

Product Description

HI-PUMP is supreme performance anti-wear hydraulic fluid formulated from S-Oil's ULTRA-S* base stocks and advanced additive system designed for wide temperature range applications and a wide range of heavy-duty equipment requirements. HI-PUMP also provides effective low and high ambient temperature performance due to high viscosity index. It's excellent thermal and oxidation resistance delivers good performance and extended operating intervals. * The trade-mark of S-OIL's Group-Ⅲ base oils.



  • ​Hydraulic systems operating under high pressure and/or temperature (earthmoving, excavator, loader, etc)
  • High-pressure vane, piston or gear pumps
  • Sensitive hydraulic circuits requiring absolute filterability of the fluid (very fine servo valve play) 
    : plastic moulding machine
  • Any hydraulic systems where the risk of contamination of the environment and waters exist
  • Any application where an anti-wear, high-performance oil is necessary​



  • ​Excellent anti-wear properties ensuring protection of machine parts.
  • Exceptional oxidation and aging stability : greater service oil life and lengthening of oil change intervals
  • Environmentally friendly formulation
  • Prevents formation of deposits in the circuit thanks to remarkable thermal stability : cleaner circuits, less clogging of the filters
  • Reduced maintenance costs​


Performance Level

  • ​ISO 11158 (HV/HM/HL)
  • ASTM D6158 (HV)
  • SAE MS 1004 (HV)
  • DIN 51524 PART III (HV)
  • Denison HF-0/HF-1/HF-2
  • Five Cincinnati P68, P69, P70
  • Eaton Vickers I-286-S/M-2950-S
  • Bosch Rexroth RE 90220
  • US Steel 127, 136
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