Nakashima - Back in Western Australia!

We are excited to be working with Nakashima Propeller Co to bring Nakashima Propellers back to the marine industry in Australia. From our warehouses in Wangara and O'Connor (near Fremantle) in Perth, we will be representing Nakashima Australia-wide for all sections of the marine industry.

From its obsession with "Built-to-Order", Nakashima creates the ultimate propellers to support safe, comfortable and efficient voyages for all vessel types, optimising the three elements of hull, engine and propeller.

In order to faithfully reproduce complicated shapes unique to marine propellers, craftsmanship and digital technology are integrated in all processes, including design, casting, machining, and finishing, in order to create high-performance propellers.

Digital technology such as three dimensional fluid analysis is used for calculating complicated flows. CNC blade surface machining equipment produces highly accurate surfaces.

Nakashima is a comprehensive manufacturer of marine propulsion equipment, handling every type of propeller, from those used on leisure boats through to super-sized tankers with diameters up to 12m. With manufacturing bases in Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, Nakashima manufactures a wide variety of propellers, thrusters, electric propulsion systems and controllable pitch propellers that are able to freely vary both operating speed and ahead/astern direction simply by controlling the angle of their blades.